CPS Test – Check your Click Per Second Speed

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What is CPS Test Game?

CPS Test or CPS Counter is essentially a game that passes the time. Where you can count your speed of clicking the mouse using a cps test. The main goal is to test your click speed and improve from there, by trying new click techniques and playing more with the length of time. People want to use this CPS Test to get the most meaningful click results. Set new standards and break the most experienced records set by other players. These shots are then used to calculate the total number of clicks taken during the period using the counter, Look at your results and improve.

The periods available for the test are in seconds. Because here CPS stands for Click Per Second. It’s a simple test that measures the number of clicks per second.

Playing a test cps game is easy and enjoyable at the same time. Anyone can play and get to know their clicking speed. High chance that you are playing this game right now during your job.

How to count your Click Per Second?

High Click Speed Test Score has to speed up your mouse button finger movement. You can beat your record as fast as possible with the click of a mouse button. Using the Clicket test, this result counts the number of normal clicks generated by the term CPS counter; For example, the ratio of the number of halves to the number of seconds played (CPS = number of clicks/ number of seconds).

The faster you click the mouse, the higher the CPS counter. You have to follow these simple steps to count your click speed:

  1. Go to the top of this page. There, you will see a square box that says “Click to Start CPS Test”.
  2. Just move the mouse pointer anywhere on the blue box. When you press the button, start tapping the mouse.
  3. The CPS meter test will start after the first click. The timer is set to 5 seconds by default, which means you are trying to increase the clock speed to 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the CPS counter time will normally stop.
  4. But before that, don’t forget to set the counter accordingly. You can set any time from 1 second to 100 seconds.
  5. After 5 seconds, the CPS counter time will normally stop. Finally, another window with your CPS counter test results appears.
CPS Test Guide

You can pick – 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 5 seconds(basic), 7 seconds, 10 seconds, 60 seconds, and 100 seconds.

CPS Test rankings

After completing the test, a scorecard is provided for the position of the click counter Button. We’ve separated these Ranks according to your speed, which shows how well you did the test. Our CPS Counter provides an incredible range of ranks. Which you love!


This is the worst ranking ever. This means your click rate is between 0 and 5. You need to improve it as guided below on increasing your click speed test.


It is the second-worst rank and batter than Ballon. The helicopter shows that your speed will be between 5 and 7. You can improve it a little bit more and be the Jet.

Fighter Jet

This second better rank and this shows you are faster than average. Your clicking speed is 7 to 11. If you push some harder then you will be the best one.


This is the fastest speed of clicking and the speed is above 11 Clicks/Second. You should not worry about your rate of click.

How to improve in Click Speed Test?

We have some ideas and tips to help you get the most ideal click count. There are body techniques and points that allow you to click faster. As of now, there are many strategies available to help you control the speed of your clicking, but the best guide we can give you is to avoid movements.

  • This test is played on the website, so you need good and stable internet.
  • Before testing, make sure the mouse is working properly and connected to the device. Make sure your mouse is working properly and that its sensitivity settings have been fully upgraded.
  • Using a mouse instead of a computer touchpad helps calculate click-through rates. This is due to the position of your hand on the mouse. Keep the palm of your hand on the table as it will give you strength as you click.
  • Keeping your brain relaxed is very helpful in solving speed problems. Make sure your hands not trembling from stress. The more you lose, the more accurately you can press the mouse.

Keep practicing daily, and one day you will reach near the world record. You can increase the speed by using two fingers. Make sure the distance between the fingers is not too much. Our final advice is to know what type of mouse you’re using. We recommend bringing a gaming mouse that will help you optimize and rationalize your clicking rate.

Chose your Style for CPS Counter

Our site offers players many options for mouse click testing.

Normal clicks

This is a necessary normal style of the clicker. Feel free to do it to your day-to-day style, such as browsing, editing email, or adjusting anything within your reach. With this style, you can get CPS to score 3-5. This will help you achieve accuracy when you are fighting for a good score which will result in a low CPS score. This is the first stage of being improved.

Drag Clicks

This style will help you complete the fastest clicker test. This is the fastest strategy to get more clicks in the base seconds. Grinding your fingers and mouse is very important in this workout. The maximum click speed ranges from 15 to 50 counts per second. This is as hard as jitter, kohi test, or butterfly clicking.

Marathon clicking

The second type is much more difficult to perform and can lead to clinical problems. In this technique, the gamers click for a very long time. The minimum period is at least 1 minute and goes above 1 hour. In the being, the player starts clicking slowly and relaxes. And try to accelerate when the end is near.

Auto Clicks

Hold the mouse lightly and tightly with your lower hand. Now put your finger on the button and move your hand to the wrist. When done correctly, you can transmit up to 12 cps. To replicate this technique, you can do the Jitter test now. Auto Click is a method used to increase clicks per second and defeat others in Star Game.

What is the CPS Minecraft Test?

The concept of CPS in first introduced by Minecraft gamers, it is called the kohi speed click test. But right now the service is not available. This is available in the game and gamers can test their score. They also get ranked according to the counter. Like this website, they also have benchmarks.

The lowest rank was extremely slow clicks and this is similar to our Ballon rank. The next worst rank was moderately slow and this is the same as Helicopter. Likewise, the moderate-high and extremely high cps are relatable to the Fighter jet and Rocket ranks.

Features of CPS-Test.onl

Let’s see some features which you get here and shoulder be different from sites.

  • The sharing feature allows you to easily share your rank on social media.
  • No software downloads are required. Most CPS Tests are web-based, accessible from any device with a web browser.
  • Very light and easy to play the game. Which easily loaded on slow internet.
  • No limits on users and no limits on the daily number of tests.
  • Mobile-friendly UI. Because the majority of users are using it on smartphones.


There have been reports of an earlier record from 2010, where Tom Andre Seppola from Norway supposedly achieved 830 clicks in 30 seconds. This information is less widely circulated and may be difficult to verify definitively.
For the normal guy who doesn't play games, for them, the average CPS is 6. And for the games that play games like Minecraft, the score will be 10 Clicks/Second.
Tried and testing is the only way to know your style for playing clicks per second game. For the majority of users, it can be normal clickings.
While aiming for high scores can be motivating, it's important to remember that the CPS test is primarily a tool for personal improvement. Consistency, proper technique, and gradual progress are more valuable than chasing unbeatable records.