1 Second Click Test

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Above the customized CPS Test button for those who only just want to test the speed in 1 second. You do have not a lot of time to try different methods by clicking here.

Why one Second is Best?

Many games love to count the click speed test in one second because you can get your best click count in the one-second test. Even a normal person can make a click count of around 10 CPS in the 1-second timeframe. For the gamers, it can go up to 15 clicks/second.

Ranks in one Second Test

Rocket: More than 11 CPS
Fighter Jet: Between 7-11 CPS
Helicopter: Between 5-7 CPS
Ballon: Less than 5 CPS

1 Second CPS Test is the method where world records have been made. Because in the one second it’s easier to make the highest clicks/second.