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Kohi Test first started in the Minecraft network and got famous there. But suddenly the service has been no more. So gamers started looking for alternatives. We are also giving here a kohi speed test. Where you can count your CPS.

Before you get-go to the different types of mouse click tests, you should be familiar with the Kohi tests. With One Click Checker, you can easily adjust your mouse touch speed.

The Kohi test is the most experienced way to determine your mouse speed and you will know right away how many clicks your mouse can make. If you are a Minecraft lover then clicking test Online is the perfect game. Here we associate the game with the time limit. More fun playing with new challenges.

According to Kohli’s click test, a player can build a Minecraft series much faster than before. However, players can use the secret to remake the scaffolding in the game using some click tests.

Some of Minecraft’s click games help in a number of ways, such as clicks. From now on players will use the technique of clicking on someone in the boring game to increase the CPS Count. If you want to become an expert in the game, Kohi Testing depends on it to improve the skill of the player.

Thanks to this new update by the team, you won’t see many pop-ups while playing. In general, errors can be solved in the form of user reports. Get started now and upgrade your skills for Minecraft. May you be successful!

Minecraft Kohi Test Variants

There are four different types in Minecraft’s Kohi variants. These details are relatable to the MCPVP game.

  • Very Slow clicking: This is the clicking style of beginner kohi test players. and Their speed may be less than 3 CPS.
  • Medium Speed Clicking: When newbies got to experience this is their speed. This benchmark should be speed between 4and 7 counts.
  • Moderate Quick Speed: This is when a player got experienced and starts thrusting faster. Speed between 8 and 12.
  • Very High Speed: This is the supreme level of ranks and many gamers desire that. Top Speed may be more than 12 CPS and average around 20 CPS.

Our Kohi Speed Ranks

  • Space Rocket: The best rank and speed is more than 10 clicks/second.
  • Fighter Jet: Second best and speed around 7 to 10.
  • Helicopter: kind of slow rank but count 5 to 7.
  • Ballon: This is the sloeest rank. speed is less than 5 clicks per second.

Is It safe to make Kohi Test?

Many web reports show you that the kohi test leads you to the damage. But we can say that the extreme of this game is not good for you. So you should play this game only for 10 minutes daily. And you not pushed so much harder than you destroyed your mouse.