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Butterfly Clicks is a special clicking technique where the gamer press one left button with two fingers, using the index and middle fingers. The right way is to press the left mouse button while moving your middle finger to prepare to press the left mouse button again.

Why do people from the working profession love the butterfly test? Basically, it makes people happy. People release their pressure and anger by tapping the screen for a while with the snap of their fingers. This is the most effective way to deal with boredom and stress.

This test tells people how many consecutive clicks a person can take in 100 seconds. The maximum number of clicks per second on a 100-seconds clock is 7.3 clicks per second. That is, 730 clicks were completed in 100 seconds. With each increase in duration, you will see a decrease in each subsequent click. Also, you all know the logic behind it.

The secret trick to show the highest Butterfly speed

This technique is not mentioned anywhere on the internet. Which makes it so unique. With this clicking style of test, You can double your speed and show your companion. If your speed is around 6 CPS then it will be around 12 CPS easily.

  • For this method, you should have a laptop that has a touchpad. But also connected mouse.
  • Put your right hand on the mouse and your left one on the touchpad.
  • Start clicking with the mouse but just after that you can also start touching the pad.
  • This will increase your speed drastically.

Last words

We see so many types and styles of clicking on this website. Many users got that what they want. Someone has an issue with which style is better. Like jitter, Marathon, butterfly, and the kohi test. Which makes you feel better try that cps test. But if you want to be a really quick clicker then the best exercise for you is more than one minute of time frame.